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     It seemed like I called every cleaning company before coming across this particular one. They have much better rates than their competitors, and the cleaners do great work.
Krista G.21/05/2020
     I have lived for a while now and SelhurstCarpetCleaners has been consistently the best local office cleaning company. Thank you for bringing comfort and serenity to a very busy environment.
     Kudos to the carpet cleaners from Selhurst Carpet Cleaning Company who managed to remove a very tough, stubborn stain. They had little trouble in getting it out completely.
Penny J.09/10/2018
     I wanted professional cleaning done for the carpets in my house. I got the contact details of Selhurst Carpet Cleaning from an associate. I called them up and the job done was better than expected; I also did not have to pay a lot. Overall, I would recommend their cleaning services and use them again.
Michael Hartmann08/05/2015
     My family had been using SelhurstCarpetCleaners for several years now, so when it came to me to pick one for my house, they were the obvious choice. True to reputation, they did a consistently good work at my place and their charges were equally reasonable. They even cleaned surfaces that I didn't realize need to be cleaned and finished well within the time slot. I am very impressed with the end result and hope to see more of them in the future!
Martien Turner18/02/2015
     Superb! Could not recommend the cleaners highly enough, they got “stuck in” to their work after arriving on time, and looking very professional in their very slick looking uniforms I might say. They clearly have a lot of experience because they got twice as much as I could have got done, in about half the time. It was like living in a new home after they left, and know the SelhurstCarpetCleaners business card has been safely kept on my fridge for future use. Am currently arranging a regular service to free up some of my spare time. A very solid and reliable cleaning team.
Thomas C.08/04/2014
     I have nothing but great things to say about SelhurstCarpetCleaners, and if you want to find cleaners for your home then I strongly recommend this company! They work quickly, always arrive on time and do a great job. I can't even put into words how fantastic my house looks once my cleaner's left - but my friends and family are always more than impressed! This is definitely the best cleaning company I've tried, and one of the most cost-effective too. Great service, great prices and I find the staff really dependable and friendly too - I'm never switching to a different cleaning company again!
Juliet S.25/02/2014

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